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Budget Reply: UTAS Liberal Club
Togatus - 3/4/19

The 2019/20 Budget shows that the Liberal/National Government is committed to securing a better future for young Australians. Following the terrible state of our nation’s finances as a result of the previous Labor Government, the Liberal/National Government have been working to fix the mess. The 2019/20 Budget shows the result of that hard work. Within it, the Government announced the first surplus budget in 12 years, putting a down payment on Labor’s debt. By paying down this debt, the Government will put the nation’s finances on a more sustainable footing, reducing the burden for young Australians, with net debt projected to be eliminated by 2029/30.


The freedom to be offended
the mercury newspaper - 17/1/19

IN my five years at the University of Tasmania, I was frequently offended by the words and deeds of other students and staff members — particularly regarding my religious and political beliefs. You might think then that I would welcome the university’s new draft behaviour policy, which requires community members to “behave and communicate in a manner that does not offend”. It features a list of 18 protected attributes that includes religion and political persuasion. This policy forbids community members from offending, humiliating, intimating, insulting, or ridiculing one another, based on the “reasonable person” test.


Cut regulation for a market that’s just right
the mercury newspaper - 4/1/19

AS Tasmania finds itself in the midst of peak tourism season, sharing economy platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway are providing an ever-increasing number of visitors not only much-needed choice for accommodation, but added value to the unique Tasmanian experience... despite the success, there continues to be calls for laws to be changed to curtail this growth. If realised, these calls would not only damage the growing short-stay industry but have a lasting negative effect on the entire Tasmanian tourism sector.

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All things being equal, Australia is doing nicely
the mercury newspaper - 5/10/18

THE central underlying message of Bill Shorten’s campaign in the lead-up to the next federal election is inequality. His mission is selling Australia as a despondent nation in which the fair go is being undermined, and our very way of life is under attack by the power-trio of banks, big business and conservatives. Despite the ever-increasing grandiloquence, the campaign has hit a snag. As evidenced in the latest report by the Productivity Commission, Rising Inequality: a stocktake of the evidence, the verdict on the validity of Mr Shorten’s claims has become clear.

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Tasmania University Union disaffiliates University of Tasmania Greens
the mercury newspaper - 24/9/18

University of Tasmania Liberal Club president Clark Cooley claimed the demise of the UTAS Greens showed the party wasn’t listening to young people. “I’m disappointed to see the demise of the Greens at the University of Tasmania,” Mr Cooley said. “Active debate and participation is an essential element to our democracy.”

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Make Australia a #VapeNation
Togatus - 9/7/18

With the sending of a bulk email to students, the years of rumours were proven correct, the University of Tasmania would ban smoking on campus from the 31st of May, World No Tobacco Day. The plan as detailed on the University’s ‘Smoke-Free’ website is that by the 31st of December 2019, no smoking will be permitted on campus with little or none of the newly designated smoking areas retained. The ban doesn’t come as a surprise to many of us, the University had remained one of the only in the country to continue to allow smoking on campus, and the ban follows the continued restriction of smoking in public places pushed by health agencies and anti-smoking charities such as the Heart Foundation and the Cancer Council.

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Happy birthday Brexit, c’mon CANZUK
The Spectator Australia - 24/6/18

With the two-year anniversary of the Brexit referendum now upon the United Kingdom, the realities of a life outside the confines of the European Union are starting to take shape. It is one relationship in particular that continues to persevere in the minds of the public and politicians alike. The common bond between the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia is unlike any other group of nations in the world and is today on the verge of a golden age.

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UTAS should join other prestigious unis and protect free speech
the mercury newspaper - 22/5/18

FROM their beginning, universities have been a place in which controversial ideas are debated and discussed, where students and academics from different backgrounds can challenge each other and those with different worldviews are free to express themselves. It is this academic freedom which has allowed universities to help provide an effective means to increase our understanding of the problems we all face.  It was the University of Bologna, founded in 1088, the oldest university in continuous operation today, that first adopted this academic charter, guaranteeing the rights of a traveling scholar to unhindered passage in the interests of education.  While our universities have continued to flourish over time, the freedom students and academics enjoy is now under treat by the ever increasing politically correct world. 

UTAS Liberals - University of Tasmania Liberals

Pacific solution stops the boats — don’t go back
the mercury newspaper - 21/5/18

WHEN Prime Minister John Howard spoke on the legalised border protection policies, known as the Pacific solution, at his campaign launch in 2001, he famously said: “we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come”.

The message of a tough but fair border protection system resonated strongly with Australians and the successful suite of policies cut illegal maritime arrivals from 5516 people in 2001, to one in 2002.

UTAS Liberals - University of Tasmania Liberals

Lower Taxes. More Jobs. Tackling Debt. Cheaper Beer.
TOGATUS - 9/5/18

These four commitments delivered in the budget last night back young Australians and reaffirmed the Government’s vision for our nation; a prosperous country that encourages and rewards working Australians; backs business to invest and create more jobs; guarantees essential services that we all rely on; a safe nation in which we can enjoy our freedoms; and one in which the Government continues to live within its means.

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Unions, change yourself first
The Spectator Australia - 26/4/18

ACTU secretary Sally McManus has launched the national unions’ pre-election Change the Rules campaign with the ambition to be the largest campaign the organisation has run since 2007’s WorkChoices effort. McManus describes Change the Rules as a campaign to demand an overhaul of Australia’s workplace relations system, saying that too many Australians face insecure work and mass corporate exploitation. Despite flashy advertising, advocating to “bring fairness back to Australia”, the union’s bid to turn back the clocks and lumber business with new regulations is not the answer to help people secure work, it’s a recipe for economic disaster.

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Business tax cuts benefit all Australians
the mercury newspaper - 26/4/18

AS Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison finalises his budget speech for May 8, it is crucial we understand the economic statement and policy agenda he sets forth is not just statistics and projections but has real and tangible effects on everyday Australians. From the price of our weekly groceries shop to the biggest financial investment many of us will make in our lives, our homes, the decisions made in Canberra will help or hinder us, not least businesses.

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Jerusalem: always the capital
The Spectator Australia - 16/4/18

On Wednesday, Israel will celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, its national day commemorating the Israeli Declaration of Independence signed in 1948. This year will mark the seventieth anniversary of the declaration and the modern nation’s birth. Israelis and Jewish people will celebrate across the globe with parties, barbecues, fireworks, and the Israeli Defence Force will perform a flyover on the Tel Aviv promenade. The day will also be marked with another significant event, the official opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem.

UTAS Liberals - University of Tasmania Liberal Students

Don’t nobble the growth industry of short-stay accommodation in Tasmania
the mercury newspaper - 16/4/18

AS with many new industries in the booming sharing economy, the digital revolution of short-term accommodation platforms has brought seismic change to our island state.

UTAS Liberals - University of Tasmania Liberal Students

TUU Affiliates ‘Pro-Life’ Society
TOGATUS - 10/4/18

President of the UTAS Liberal Students, Clark Cooley also weighed in on the discussion and welcomed the chance for students to debate freely on campus.

“We respect everyone’s right to free speech and the freedom to debate this important issue,” Cooley said.

UTAS Liberals - University of Tasmania Liberal Students

TOGATUS - 30/3/18

Gambling is a legal form of entertainment that many Tasmanians enjoy. There is a range of different gaming products available to consumers that are fair, regulated and provide the chance of return to players. We all have the choice to participate or not.

UTAS Liberals - University of Tasmania Liberal Students

Univeristy of Tasmania students face rental crisis
the mercury newspaper - 21/1/18

HOBART’S tight rental market is being squeezed even harder as university students scramble to find a bed before the start of the academic year.